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Computing Resources

Compute Canada

Compute Canada provides advanced research computing (ARC) systems and infrastructure to Canadian researchers and collaborators. In addition to default storage and cloud available to all approved users, additional resources can be requested through two main pathways:

  • Rapid Access Service (RAS) allows Principal Investigators (PIs) to request additional high-performance computing (HPC) resources for opportunistic use only. With default priority, project tasks can be submitted to the scheduler and run by HPC cores when they are made available.

  • Resource Allocation Competitions (RAC) are peer-reviewed competitions for more resources and higher priorities beyond what is available via RAS. Applications are assessed based on the scientific and technical merits of the proposed research project.

UBC faculty members can register for an account at the Compute Canada Database and can sponsor accounts for students, staff, and collaborators. For BC, Compute Canada servers and resources are accessed through WestGrid. An overview and instructions to get started are available on their website.

A Complete Guide for Using Compute Canada for Deep Learning!

A Complete Guide for Using Compute Canada for Deep Learning! is an in-depth tutorial on how to use Compute Canada in the most efficient and productive way for your deep learning experiments! Developed by a UBC PhD student, Prashant Pandey.

UBC ARC Sockeye

UBC ARC Sockeye is a general-purpose high-performance computing (HPC) platform designed to specifically increase computing capacity and digital research infrastructure at UBC, and supplement resources provided by Compute Canada. In addition to shared GPUs and CPUs, UBC ARC Sockeye provides the most relevant HPC software packages for researchers across all disciplines to freely utilize.

Researchers with UBC staff or faculty appointments can apply as Allocation Owners to use the resource in Standard or Priority Allocation. Standard Tier Allocation provides shared access to GPUs and CPUs, and additional 5TB each for data storage and computation. Applications are accepted year-round. Priority Allocation primarily supports early-career researchers who are new to UBC, and have research data that require on-site hosting. It provides up to 50TB each for storage and computation, in addition to shared GPU and CPU. Once granted access, the Allocation Owner can add users as needed.